1. After lunch he went to his room to ________.

(A) lie down

(B) lie along

(C) lie over

(D) lie out

2. Don't leave your clothes ________ about on the bedroom floor.

(A) lie

(B) lay

(C) lying

(D) laying

3. I was tired ________ watching the children playing.

(A) with

(B) of

(C) to

(D) for

4. Don't ask me for information: I haven't got ________.

(A) one

(B) any

(C) some

(D) them

5. They moved to Thonburi ________ May 17.

(A) on

(B) at

(C) in

(D) zero

6. This book belongs to me, and this pen is ________, too.

(A) his

(B) me

(C) my

(D) mine

7. Is any one ________ to fish in this river?

(A) born

(B) let

(C) allowed

(D) passed

8. This is for John and ________ are for Mary.

(A) there

(B) this

(C) that

(D) those

9. Two of the boys in the art class were doing self-portraits by looking at ________ in the mirror.

(A) each other

(B) themselves

(C) oneself

(D) one another

10. I don't think he ________ flowers very much.

(A) like

(B) liking

(C) have liked

(D) likes

11. You had your house repaired last month, ________?

(A) hadn't you

(B) didn't you

(C) isn't it

(D) hadn't it

12. Does Lisa ________ computers?

(A) like

(B) drive

(C) read

(D) hope

13. I'm a sharp cookie. There's no way anybody can pull the wool over my ________.

(A) tissue

(B) eyes

(C) truth

(D) grass

14. Which cinema ________?

(A) do you want to go to

(B) do you want to go to it

(C) you want to go to

(D) do you want to go

15. ________ a flat with someone is cheaper than living in your own.

(A) Deviding

(B) Sharing

(C) Cutting

(D) Parting

16. Close the door ________: it's cold in here.

(A) –

(B) up

(C) to

(D) on

17. - Who should go to see him? - I suggest that Mary ________ to see him.

(A) go

(B) goes

(C) would go

(D) went

18. ________ walkman is yellow.

(A) Her

(B) You

(C) She

(D) He

19. She cannot swim, and I can't ________.

(A) too

(B) either

(C) neither

(D) also

20. Look! Now they ________ TV again!

(A) are watching

(B) watch

(C) to watch

(D) have watched


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